La Galette des Rois: the King maker cake

Every year in January, to celebrate the Epiphany, the French share "La Galette des Rois" - namely Kings' Cake - with friends and family. Here is everything you need to know to enjoy the tradition.

First, this delicious frangipane filled cake (delicious because smoother and not as sweet as almond paste) hides a small token called "la fève". The lucky gourmand who finds it in its slice is automatically declared queen or king! 

To make sure no one fights over which slice he or she will get, the French cleverly send the youngest member of the party under the table (hopefully a kid) to call out everyone's name in the order he or she wishes while somebody else serves slices at random. 

Once the royal one is found, he or she gets to choose a partner to share the throne with. The pair will usually rock a pair of golden paper crowns for the rest of the day. Last but not least, the royals are of course on the hook for the next Kings' cake!

Douce France carries for you this wonderful delicacy that you can order from now on till the end of January. Made in France assures you the quality of a pure buttter puff pastry and light frangipane.

Ideal to share your best wishes at work, with neighbours, family, friends... you just need to serve something to drink with it!

Bon appétit!

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