A Living Heritage Company, the oldest artisanal distillery in the Val de Loire, founded in 1834 by Jean-Baptiste Combier. Fruits, spices, aromatic herbs have always been the gifts of nature that they transform into liquors and syrups. Its only objective is to make sure you will get all the natural flavours of the fruits and aromatic herbs when you drink its syrups.

Sugar and water are the unique ingredients of its sugar syrup to which it adds natural fruit juices, extracts of fruits or plants, or some natural aroma.
No additive or preservative is necessary.

Enjoy any of their red fruit syrup with champagne, sparkling white wine, cider, beer or even milk. A few drops on your ice creams, crêpes will be delicious too!

Add grapefruit syrup to rosé,  mix rose syrup with gin... and many other ideas to make some cocktails and refresh yourself!


The fact that hot chocolate at Angelina’s is one of the best in Paris is not surprising because the family that established the restaurant has roots in Eastern Europe where thick, sumptuous hot chocolate is a staple. The history behind this Parisian landmark began when the Rumpelmeyer family emmigrated from the then multinational realm of Austria-Hungry to settle in the Côte d’Azur region in the south of France. Building on successes, in 1903, the Rumpelmeyers opened the now-famous Parisian landmark Angelina. Originally, this teahouse on rue de Rivoli opened as Rumpelmeyer. However, in 1930, owner Antoine Rumpelmeyer changed the name to that of his daughter-in-law, Angelina.

Exclusively at Douce France, you will also be served a cup and saucer along with a pitcher of steamy, hot chocolate, thick and creamy, with some fresh whipped cream on the side, Just like on the rue de Rivoli!

Indulge in their nectars and juices. Just amazing!


The Passion for the Mirabelle plum in Lorraine for 5 generations. In 1895 Michel GRALLET, Amable and Ophèle GRALLET's son, planted his first Mirabelle trees in Rozelieures, located between Nancy, Lunéville, Baccarat and Epinal.  Today, the tree farm extends over 30 hectares of fruit trees, including 25 hectares of Mirabelle trees, as well as Williams pear trees and plum trees.

Their mirabelle plum syrup is ideal for a refreshing non-alcoholic drink and it will delight both young and old. Add still or sparkling water to make a diabolo mirabelle. The syrup can also be poured over a mirabelle plum sorbet. 


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