A taste of france, in canada...

about us

Douce France was founded in 2013 in Toronto by Christel Crouin-Saba with the goal to bring authentic and prestigious gourmet products from France to Canada. In her native France, Christel, the tenth of 14 children, graduated as a Seller specialized in baked goods, pastries and confectionary sale. Her talent and dedication allowed her to win multiple industry recognitions - with notably a Crafts Person of the Year award in 1986 in Lower Normandy - a region of France.

At Douce France, we carefully select France's best and finest artisans - from all over the country - to bring you the full breadth of France's culinary talents. As you will notice, most of the partners we work with are still family owned Houses with often more than a century of activity.

As a recognition for these guardians of French gastronomy and know-how, the French State has delivered to most of our partners the status of "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" which translates to "Living Heritage Company". This prestigious decoration is a gold standard crowning incomparable craftmanship, respect for tradition and overall quality. 


Since our opening, Douce France was rewarded finalist of the 7th pan-Canadian edition of the Lauriers des PME organized by RDÉE Canada

Our products have earned a reputation in the Toronto area and Canada. Indeed, we have been ranked in the top 5 chocolatiers by Yelp and in the top chocolates in Canada and mentioned as the top grocery store for French products aficionados.

As we keep on growing, we promise to keep expanding our product offering in order to bring more creations from France's finest artisans to Canadians across the country.