delightful biscuits

At Douce France, we are proud to carry a selection of delightful biscuits from renowned French artisans such as Fossier, Védère, Terre d'Embruns and Péchés Gourmands. Our biscuits are carefully selected for their taste, quality and traditional concoction. 



La Maison Fossier was founded in 1756 in Reims, Champagne. It received the Living Heritage Company label as a reward for its renowned ancestral know-how based on its mastery of traditional techniques. Fossier owes its reputation to the famous Biscuit Rose of Reims, invented in 1691. At that time, bakers created a special dough so as to use the heat of their oven after cooking bread. That was the origin of the word "BIS-CUIT" (i.e. cooked twice). In fact, Fossier's Biscuit Rose is the only one of its kind that remains extra light, crispy and crunchy on the outside whilst being soft on the inside even when dipped in champagne or wine! Biscuit Roses make for stellar dessert combinations!

Our delicious madeleines are made by Mireille Faucher and our pure butter cigars, sablés, and croustilles come directly from Védère in the Pyrenees! Védère was established in 1905 and owes its reputation to the local fresh ingredients they use -butter, eggs, wheat flour - and their commitment to tradition and quality. 

sensational taste & quality ingredients

Our selection of biscuits from Terre d'Embruns in Brittany and Péchés Gourmands in Provence portrays Douce France's focus on product quality. Terre d'Embruns guarantees the freshness of its artisanal products and does not use any additive, preservative or lecithin of soja. Its products' sensational taste stems from its use of pure butter from Brittany and selected wheat flour made in France which give a particular texture and flavour to their palmiers, sacristains and palets bretons.

Péchés Gourmands biscuits' production processes reflect that of Terre d'Embruns. Its biscuits are made with fresh ingredients notably lemon from Menton and apricot from Provence. 

All of our artisans make use of non-enriched flour  in the making of their delicious biscuits.