Cheeses are key in French gastronomy! For you cheese enthusiasts, we have got a great selection of delicate fresh cheeses from France. What's more, in addition to our cheeses, we also offer exquisite butter and crème fraîche from France!


Every week, we are delivered new cheeses that are readily sliced and wrapped up in French cheese paper for utmost freshness. Whilst we do obtain new cheeses on a weekly basis, we do also have a constant selection of cheeses that you can purchase at our Danforth location, to name but a few, we usually have: Brie, Port Salut, Château de Bourgogne, Fourme d'Ambert, Morbier, Comté and Bûche de Chèvre (Goat Cheese). 


Our French butter and crème fraîche are made by the Isigny-Saint-Mère Cooperative from Normandy, France. Isigny-Saint-Mère is another Living Heritage Company that has been rewarded on the national and international scales multiple times. Their butter's worldwide reputation dates back to centuries and is the result of traditional know-how. The warm climate near the sea favours rich pastures in which the grass is full of mineral salts and trace elements. This abundance of nutrients makes its way to the milk, which, in turn, makes for a distinctive butter that has a unique perfume, suppleness and colour.

Silky, delicious, with a rounded pleasing texture, the Isigny-Sainte-Mère crème fraîche is unique. The exceptional terroir that gives such a good milk as well as the tradition of slow maturation that allows flavours to develop fully and the cream to excel make it one gastronomes' favorite products.