Our collection of condiments is rich and flavorful! From a variety of mustards, to olive oils, vinegars and dipping sauces we have got a lot of choices for your variety of cooking needs! 



Fallot is another Living Heritage Company Douce France is proud of working with. It is the last independent, family mustard mill founded in Burgundy in 1840. Its success results from its ability to protect the artisanal know-how of mustardmakers; the grinding of seeds in a stony grindstone which preserves all the gustative qualities of the dough. It won the gold medal for its plain mustard at the worldwide mustard competition in 1917.

The company has broadened its range of products over the years with mustards more or less common, always worth trying to accompany your veggies, eggs, fish, meat, barbecue or prepare your dressings.
Try to make some mayonnaise with its plain mustard it's just amazing! Fallot's vinegars, and other condiments like capers or cornichons are made with its same commitment to quality.


Beyond its sensational range of seasoning, Popol, a renowned ├ępicerie from Provence, provides us with incredible products such as olive oils, vinegars, candied garlic, dried tomatoes or red pepper in olive oil, pesto, dipping sauce and tapenade!

At Douce France, we also carry Popol's famous truffle or red pepper sets which are perfect for gifts!