At Douce France, we carry a wide selection of delicate confectioneries. From glazed-candied chestnuts, to calissons, candied fruits and delicious stuffed plum-prunes, our collection has got your confectioneries needs covered!


 Glazed-candied chestnuts & STUFFED PLUM-PRUNES

Our delicious glazed-candied chestnuts are made by Corsiglia, a family Living Heritage Company based in France dating back to 1896. Corsiglia is especially known for its disctinctive expertise of the 'Marrons Glacés' (ie. Glazed-candied chestnuts) and distinguishes itself by wrapping them up in pairs in a tulle muslin that prevents the fruits from absorbing too much sugar. For glazed-candied chestnut lovers, we also recommend our exquisite 'crème de marrons' chestnut spread, check out our Jams & Spreads collection to learn more!

Our stuffed plum-prunes, 'Pruneaux d’Agen', are also a real delight! They come to us from the French company, Favols, which has been recognized many times for its creativity, innovation and expertise and even won the Blue Ribbon of Confectionery at the international food contest in Paris in 1995.  Once collected from the tree, the plums are pitted and filled by hand with apple, apricot and orange zest or apple, apricot, Armagnac and vanilla.  

calissons & candied fruits

Léonard Parli, another Living Heritage Company in Aix-en-Provence, provides us with magnificent calissons and candied fruits. Léonard Parli has perpetuated the tradition of calissons since 1874 and continues to use granite grind-mills to preserve the taste and the texture of their almonds which make up to 42% of their calissons. 

'Calin Soun' (these are hugs), transcribed 'calisson', is said to have been uttered at the wedding of the pretty Jeanne de Laval with almond-shaped eyes, to thank her gallant pastry-chef for having given her those exquisite confectioneries. According to the legend, the young lady, forced to marry Roy René, regained her smile thanks to the calissons. 

Our candied fruits come from Léonard Parli as well as Corsiglia. Both French artisans also provide us with sensational orange and ginger peels coated with sugar or chocolate!