jams & spreads

At Douce France, we select premium jams and spreads from Favols, Voisin & L'Ambr'1 to offer customers an array of choices. Each company has been recognized for their focus on making quality products with irresistible flavors.



Our Jams are made by Favols, in France. Favols has been collecting rewards for many years including the ‘Best Jam in the World’ at the Fancy Food Show in New York in 1982 and the ‘Best French Specialty’ at the Great Taste Awards organized by Fine Food Magazine in 2005. Its ingredients are carefully selected for their freshness, ripeness and taste. Favols guarantees a rigorous quality control. All preparations are cooked under vacuum at low temperature which allows to preserve the fruit and vegetable organoleptic characteristics, texture, taste and flavours. We also offer a selection of sugar-free jams  as well as some exquisite chutneys to pair with your favorite choice of cheese!  

passionate & ACCLAIMED artisans

Our artisans, Favols, Voisin & Lambr'1 all share their passion and creativity through their sensational chocolate and caramel spreads which are artisanal treats for chocoholics. Recently, Lambr'1 was also recognized as a ‘Collège Culinaire de France’ for its engagement and its values which promote French gastronomy!

Lambr'1' caramel spreads complement your crêpes, pancakes, toasts or ice-creams perfectly! Made with 100% sea-salt, Lambr'1 caramel bonbons are also exquisite - check out our Sweets collection  to learn more.