At Douce France, we are proud to offer our customers a variety of teas from the Compagnie Coloniale. The Compagnie Coloniale is the oldest tea brand in France, founded in Paris in 1848. It is one of the last brand that controls all the transformation, flavouring and packaging in its own factory based in France. It was rewarded by the ‘Collège Culinaire de France’ for its engagement and values promoting French gastronomy.


A UNIQUE KNOW-HOW 'made in france'

Compagnie Coloniale is famous for the blend quality, and also for the brillance aspect of the flavoured black tea leaves thanks to the unique stream flavouring process. This process sticks the aromas on the leaves, which then unveil the same delicate flavours in nose and in the cup. 

Compagnie Coloniale selects the best quality teas from great origins and prepares exclusive blends with fruits, spices, and flowers according to a tradition of excellence. Green teas come from non fermented leaves. Specific care must be taken during infusion by using water at a moderate temperature between 60 and 80 degrees Celsius.


- Black tea from India
Darjeeling Himalaya: Darjeeling blend with a strong proportion of first flush recognizable by its numerous green particules. Clear in cup, intense and perfumed in mouth.

- Black tea from Sri Lanka
Ceylan F.O.P. Finest: Long leaves with many silver tips coming from low altitude picking. Light ideal tea for afternoon.

- Black tea from Taiwan
Grand Oolong: Half fermented tea with large leaves which give a delicate taste of chestnuts.


- Teas with Bergamot
Boudoir: 'In house' creation since 1887 Subtle and balanced blend of Darjeeling, Ceylan and Assam with an added hint of bergamot.

Earl Grey Supérieur: The 'must' of bergamot scented teas. Chinese black teas flavoured with bergamot and sprinkled with cornflowers and calendula.

Imperial Russia: Chinese black teas flavoured with bergamot, bitter orange and lime. This blend is dominated by citrus.

- Sweet teas
Afternoon: Blend of Chinese black teas flavoured with chocolate and mint, sprinkled with chocolate bits and mint leaves.
Thé de Noel: Blend of Chinese black teas flavoured with almond and cherry, and highlighted with flower petals.

- Spicy tea
Thé aux Epices: Blend of Chinese black teas with whole cloves, green cardamon pods, ginger bits and cinnamon sticks with orange peels. Ideal for your chai latté!

- Flowery tea
Fleur d'oranger: Blend of Chinese black teas flavoured with orange blossom and sprinkled with orange blossom petals.


- Green Natural Teas
Sencha KOTO: Green tea with large leaves, typical in Japan, naturally rich in vitamin C.

Yunnan Vert: This tea offers a clear liquor with delicate vanilla aromas.

- Green Flavoured Teas
Étoile d'Orient: Blend of Sencha and Chun Mee flavoured with orange, spices, chocolate, sprinkled with flowers and red berries.

Secret d'Aladin:Gunpowder Chinese Green tea flavoured with Indian spicesand lemon, sprinkled with jasmine flowers, cornflower petals and ginger bits.

Thé vert à la Rose: Green Sencha tea flavoured with rose and rose petals.

Thé vert au Jasmin: Chinese green tea and jasmine blossom.

Thé Vert Menthe: Gunpowder Chinese green tea flavoured with mint and sprinkled with sweet mint leaves. This tea is better very hot and sweetened.


Wasabi Fraise
: Sencha greeen tea flavoured with strawberry and wasabi. Sprinkled with red berries and coriander. Delicate pepper taste.

Thé des Neiges: Blend of Pai Mu Tan and green teas with delicate flavour of baked apple and red fruits. Sprinkled with white petals and silver pearls.


Fruits et Fleurs de Soleil: Rooibos flavoured with strawberry, vanilla and grapefruit, sprinkled with sunflower and cornflower petals.

Hiver Austral: New blend. Originally from Austral Africa, this rooibos is flavoured with red fruits and mandarin. A perfect after dinner hot drink!


Ventre plat: Blend of Pu Erh tea, chicory, dandelion and liquorice roots.

Une Chanson Douce: Natural blend of verbena and orange blossom.

Tilleul Menthe: Linden is one of the most famous herbal teas in France. Blended with mint, it helps against strain and anxiety.

Verveine Menthe: An original blend that facilitates digestion and calm.


Délices Panier de Fruits
: Blend of apple bits, hibiscus, elder berries, rose hips, blackberries, raspberries and cherries. Flavoured with raspberries and red fruits.

Délice Citronnelle: Blend of verbena, lemongrass, pina colada and orange blossom.

Délice Cannelle: Blend of tropical fruits and flowers, sweet mint, coriander and cinnamon.