Douce France Prestige Basket

Prestigious basket offering the perfect balance between sweet and savory! 200g Duck Foie Gras Dubernet, with french pickles. Lucques Extra Virgin olive oil with Popol balsamic vinegar with truffles, and a set of 3 Fallot mustards (basil, blackcurrant, walnut). 

Travel to Provence with an exquisite Popol tomato soup with Espelette red pepper, along with a 50% fruit apple and cherry nectar and award-winning Leonard Parli mini calissons, and Corsiglia candied clementines. 

Discover flavorful delicacies from Lyon, Burgundy and Brittany with an assortment of 12 Voisin ganaches and pralines, MulotetPetitJean nonnettes, and pure butter Palmiers. 

[Basket Net Weight w. Products: 6.8KG]