Fallot Mustards

Basil Mustard: Basil is mainly known for its role in Mediterranean cuisine, its encounter with Dijon mustard makes for a delicious Basil mustard that amateurs love! Add a touch of it to your vinaigrette and to accompany your cold meats - you won't be disappointed! 

Burgundy Truffles Mustard: This Fallot mustard is made following a traditional process, in Beaune, since 1840. The seeds are selected for their quality and are then grinded in a millstone, as it used to be done in the past, to preserve their flavors. This is perfect paired with your choice of meat!

Green Pepper Mustard: This mustard has been prepared traditionally and possesses a spicy and green pepper flavor. This mustard is best used in either hot or cold sauces, or as a dish accompaniment.

Green Tarragon Mustard:  This mustard from Fallot is made from a combination of black and brown mustard seeds, that are then mixed with fresh tarragon leaves. This mustard pairs beautifully as a part of a salad dressing or with your choice of white meat!

Walnut Mustard:  Fallot's Walnut Mustard is confectioned by mixing traditionally ground dijon mustard with walnuts from the Perigord in France. This flavourful mustard works as a part of your salad dressing, within your sandwiches or laid over your choice of white meat or filet!

White Wine Mustard:  This traditionally confectioned mustard combines the delightful taste of Dijon mustard blended with white wine. This mustard is great for vinaigrettes and used with your favorite choice of meat!


[Net Weight: 150-300g]