Guintrand Jams

Williams Pears: Guintrand's Williams Pears are cultivated in Provence and they are very rich in flavor and constitute the ideal jam for breakfast or as an accompaniment to your pancakes. Williams Pear Jam is a mixture, cooked to the proper gelled consistency, of sugar and thin slices of Williams Pears. The quantity of fresh fruit used is 450 g minimum for 1000 g of the finished product or 45%. This Williams Pear Jam contains 75% fruit and is made from ripe and healthy fresh fruit, washed and trimmed. All faulty fruits are eliminated. The thin fruit slices are cooked with premium sugar.


Quince: 65% wild quince fruit from Nyonsais and Baronnies. This jam contains 65% fruit. Prepared with 65 g of fruit per 100 g of the finished product. Consume preferably before the date indicated on the lid. After opening, keep cool. This Guintrand Quince Jam is a mixture, carried by cooking to the appropriate gelled consistency, of wild sugar and quince.