SPECIAL Vinegar from Banyuls

This delightful vinegar, made by La Guinelle, uses sweet wine from Banyuls. This kind of wine is special, as it is aged outdoor underneath the Mediterranean sun and possesses the sensational aroma of red berries. This vinegar adds great taste to your salad dressing and is also perfectly suited for your choice of slow-roasted veggies, grilled meats, and fish. It can even be paired with your favorite choice of berry fruits!

More Details:

White Banyuls Vinegar is much rarer than red and made with 100% gray grenache. The process is the same as with red, made in oak barrels, outdoors, without any intervention on the acetification, everything is done naturally in ideal conditions for acetobacters.

Aged for 1 year in oak barrels, in the sun, the Red Banyuls Vinegar has a red robe and a nose of small red fruits. It is a Vinegar with a beautiful aromatic power, elegant... It goes very well with gourmet salads and anchovies. Also excellent in de-icing. Our gourmet advice: on and with everything, in a salad, with raw vegetables, on meats and fish, with desserts (strawberries for example).