Salmon Rillettes with the Brillat-Savarin cheese (Recipe from Fromagerie Delin)


This recipe is for Salmon Rillettes and Brillat-Savarin cheese, perfect for hosting!

This recipe is from Fromagerie Delin and can be found here


400 g raw salmon
80 g smoked salmon
A few sprigs of chives
4 tablespoons of fresh cream
80 g of Brillat-Savarin
Espelette chilli pepper
2 tablespoons of salmon eggs


Take the Brillat-Savarin out of the refrigerator so that it is at room temperature.
Remove the skin from the salmon.
Check that there are no bones or scales left. Steam the salmon fillet for 10 minutes and then flake it with a fork. Leave to cool.
Cut the smoked salmon into very small pieces.
Chop the chives.
Remove the rind from the Brillat-Savarin and cut it into small pieces.
Put the cooked salmon in a container and add the smoked salmon.
Gently stir in the Brillat-Savarin and then add the cream. Work the mixture with a fork until all the ingredients are mixed together.
Add a pinch of Espelette chilli pepper, chives and salmon eggs.
Serve with toast or breadsticks.

We recommend pairing this with Maison Fayard's plain croutons!
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