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Our variety of French gourmet foods is consistently evolving, we are thrilled to bring you authentic foie gras, dry sausages, rillettes, pâtés, confits, truffle products, and griottines of top caliber directly imported from France!


    Maison Dubernet was founded in 1864, in Saint-Sever in the Landes region. It is one of the oldest artisanal companies specialized in the production of foie gras, pre-prepared meals, and charcuterie in France. It selects its ingredients from the best producers in Southwestern France. It perpetuates tradition by still preparing by hand its fresh meat, vegetables, and condiments all sourced from exceptional suppliers. 

    Today Maison Dubernet symbolizes the excellence of Landais cuisine and is admired by connoisseurs and chefs in France’s finest restaurants.

    Douce France offers you a premium selection of their highly renowned and appreciated foie gras, rillettes, pâtés, and confits. We also carry some pain d'épices and chutneys that will compliment these delicacies perfectly well, visit our Pain d'Épices collection to learn more!


    At Douce France, we obtain a delicious selection of morello cherries and blackcurrant from Distilleries Peureux which opened over 150 years ago in Fougerolles - the capital of cherries and wild cherries. The recipe of the morello cherries was perfected in 1880 by Claude Peureux, August's grandson, and Bernard Bau.

    Small morello cherries macerate in syrup with liquor and wild cherry. They are ideal to add a very tasty touch to your cooking recipes and cocktail mixes. Additionally, they pair perfectly well with Dubernet's foie gras and a variety of cheeses!

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Distilleries Peureux' Griottines®
  • From $3.25
Distilleries Peureux' Cassis (Blackcurrant)
  • From $11.99
Griottines Peureux Accessories
  • From $5.99
Bourgogne Escargots' Precooked Burgundy Snails
  • $19.75
Bourgogne Escargots' Precooked Burgundy Snails w/ Empty Shells
  • $36.95
Artisan de la Truffe Paris' Extra Whole Black Truffles
  • $79.00
Dubernet's Basque Pâté with Espelette Pepper
  • $18.99
Dubernet's Country Style Pâté
  • $18.99
Valette's Goose Rillettes
  • $19.99
Edouard Artzner's Duck Rillettes
  • $19.99

Sold out

Maison Fayard's 100% Duck Mousse
  • $15.75
Edouard Artzner's Goose & Duck Foie Gras Block
  • $15.99
Maison Fayard's Duck Foie Gras Block w/ Slicer
  • $46.65
Maison Fayard's Whole Duck Foie Gras
  • $53.40

Sold out

Maison Fayard's Whole Goose Foie Gras
  • $64.15
NEW! Maison Fayard's Duck Confit (2 legs)
  • $39.65
Maison Bayard's Presliced Gingerbread for foie gras
  • $10.40
Maison Fayard's Plain Croûtons from Provence
  • $9.99
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