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Have you ever tried our dreamy madeleines from Heritage Living Company Jeannette 1850? Or our delicious nonnettes from MulotPetitJean? Both have a smooth, cake-like texture, and are made with quality ingredients; they're some of our customers' favourites!


    Our madeleines are sincerely exquisite! They are made in the Normandy region by the Living Heritage Company Biscuiterie Jeanette 1850 with top-quality locally sourced ingredients. The Norman free range eggs, non-enriched flour, and fresh Isigny-Saint-Mère PDO butter give them that unbeatable taste and smoothness. To die for!


    "In France, the most renowned 'Pain d'épices' comes from Dijon", one could read in the Great Encyclopedia of the XIXth century. The Dijon nonnette owes its name to the nuns who confectioned it in their monastery during the Middle Ages. A perfect delight to enjoy with a lovely cup of tea. Nonnettes are soft and moist cakes flavored with natural honey and can also be stuffed with delicate jam, lemon curd or chocolate.

    Our supplier Mulot & Petitjean, a family run company dating back to 1796, was the first company to be rewarded with the label of Living Heritage Company in food industry for their commitment to perpetuate ancestral know-how using premium ingredients.

    These delicacies are very flavorful because of the spices they contain, and are also very healthy as the mother dough is kept for several weeks before being baked. One of the reasons why they keep so well without any addition of preservatives. 

    They were also called travel's cakes as stage-coach travelers used to take some with them that they would enjoy during their long journeys on the roads.

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Mulot & Petitjean's Nonnettes from Dijon
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Mulot & Petitjean's Mini-Nonnettes from Dijon
  • From $9.25
Mulot & Petitjean's 57% Pure Honey Pain d'Épices
  • $14.99
Mulot & Petitjean's Pure Honey Lemon & Ginger Pain d'Épices
  • $13.99
Mulot & Petitjean's Nonnettes from Dijon in Collector Tins
  • From $28.99
Mulot & Petitjean's Mini-Nonnettes from Dijon in Collector Tins
  • From $33.45
Biscuiterie Jeannette 1850's Pure Butter Madeleines
  • From $14.99
Jeannette 1850's Accessories
  • $15.99
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