At Douce France, we carefully select France's best and finest artisans - from all over the country - to bring you the full breadth of France's culinary talents. As you will notice, most of the partners we work with are still family owned Houses with often more than a century of activity.

As a recognition for these guardians of French gastronomy and know-how, the French State has delivered to most of our partners the status of "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" which translates to "Living Heritage Company". This prestigious decoration is a gold standard crowning incomparable craftmanship, respect for tradition and overall quality. Look for this label when purchasing French goods.


Founded in 1912, Confiserie Adam has always been located on its current site in Alsace. It has rare expertise as a maker of dragées. Its makes two broad categories of products: "Dragéifiés" (traditional sugared almonds) and "Turbinés" (chocolate-coated specialties with centre of hazelnuts, fruit jelly, etc.) All production stages are carried out in-house, and the firm makes its own chocolate centres.


This company based in Aix is a reference in terms of upmarket sweet-making, not only for Calisson d'Aix sweets, which are its speciality, but also for its candied fruits, its nougat, its pralines, its Biscotins and its chocolates. Since 1874, know-how and excellence have been passed from generation to generation and the manufacturing secret has been guaranteed.


The oldest craft distillery in the Loire Valley, Combier was founded in 1834 by Jean-Baptiste Combier. The distillery has rare stills from 1901 located in an Eiffel architecture room also dating back to the early twentieth century. Today, the house produces Combier liqueurs, syrups, absinthes and fruit creams, still at the historic site in the heart of Saumur.


Maison Corsiglia has been perpetuating its know-how since 1896. Its glazed chestnusts and chestnuts in syrup are candied with the use of tulle muslin. That process consists of manually wrapping raw chestnuts in pairs in a tulle muslin so as to keep the chestnuts as a whole, prevent a too big absorption of sugar as well as preserve the unique flavour of the chestnuts selected with care.


Founded in 1756 in Reims, the maison Fossier is the oldest biscuit-maker in France. It owes its fame to a recipe devised by the bakers of the Cité des Sacres in around 1690 and which the Fossier biscuit makers retain the exclusive domain over today. This recipe produces a light, crunchy, lightly powdered biscuit that is cooked twice: the Biscuit Rose de Reims.


​Founded in 1903, Mazet is located in Montargis. It is now run by the sixth generation of the family. Its rare know-how includes the manufacture of caramelized almonds, turbinated specialties and praline for chocolate fillings. It has built its international reputation on the authentic recipe ot the prasline of Montargis dating back to 1636.


Based in Lyon, the capital of French gastronomy since 1897, Chocolats Voisin specializes in producing chocolates, confectionery and exclusive coffees. The company is an important part of the city's cultural heritage. It manufactures products, emblems of the region, such as the Coussins de Lyon, of one their inventions, and the Quenelles, which are on the National Cultural Heritage list.


The Burgundian family business Fallot is one of the last mustard makers still using the traditional industrial processes implemented in the middle of the XIX century. Every single step of that traditional know-how is respected. The company is the last one to perpetuate the tradition of grinding seeds with a grindstone at an industrial scale, a slow method that prevents the seeds from heating up and thus optimizes their intensity.

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