Olive Oils

Olive Oil Mas Sénéguier AOC 
It’s the taste of yesteryear when millers could not grind all the olives harvested on the same day. They stored the olives until they could pass them to the press. This waiting time heated up the heaped olives which lost their water and bitterness. Today producers still produce black fruit but in a controlled manner. The olives intended to be transformed into black fruit are stored for a few days in closed boxes to raise their temperature and to start the fermentation process which will make the olives lose their bitterness. The degree of fermentation is controlled with a thermometer in order to crush the olives as soon as the desired level of fermentation has been reached. The oil produced with such olives is very sweet, without bitterness, without ardor and with aromas of sous-bois and black olive, cocoa butter.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lucques
On the nose, we smell aromas of grass, fresh hay. In the mouth, this sweet oil releases aromas of almond, fresh almond, hazelnut, tomato. This oil has no bitterness but a very slight spiciness, it will enhance your dishes of poached fish or hot vegetables.

Extra Virgin White Truffle Olive Oil (Spray)