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Curated from our French Master Chocolatier Voisin, A Living Heritage Company based in Lyon since 1897, our selection of premium quality chocolate are exclusively made with fairtrade cocoa beans and still handmade according to tradition.


    At Douce France, we pride ourselves in offering our customers a rich variety of delicacies, curated by some of France's most renowned artisans. Our assortment of chocolates is carefully selected from Voisin, a master chocolatier from Lyon dating back to 1897, which has been recognized on the national and international scales. Praised for its ancestral savoir-faire and simultaneous ability to constantly innovate, Voisin was named A Living Heritage Company in 2014.


    Our chocolatier Voisin distinguishes itself with its authentic ganache made with 'crème fraîche Fleurette' which gives its truffles an incredible lightness and smoothness. This recipe reveals the prominent flavors of the world-renowned cocoa beans. Combined with fruit pulps like cranberries from Canada, yuzu from China and enhanced with natural essences like Espelette red pepper and green matcha tea, it offers a nice selection of delicate savors.

    Voisin's pralines are also sensational. Almonds Valencia from Spain and Roman hazelnuts Piémont from Italy, the first, selected for their delicate flavors, and the second, for their exceptional aroma, are roasted gently and thoroughly, and then dipped carefully into a 110 degree syrup in a copper cauldron: a traditional method to bring out most of the aroma. Once coated with a fine layer of caramel, they are cooled down before being crushed to different extents by a granite grind mill. That is the only mean to get an authentic 'praliné à l'ancienne' whether smooth, crispy, or crunchy.


    Voisin fair-trade chocolates are gluten-free and are made with no preservatives nor additives. Our collection also contains vegan and sugar-free options. 


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Corporate Gift Chocolate Box
  • $11.95
Ballotin Chocolate Assortments
  • $19.80
Box of 12 Chocolate Assortments
  • $31.40
Ballotin Voisin Assortments (2 layers of fine chocolates!)
  • From $54.60
NEW! Voisin boxes with magnetic flip-lid closing
  • From $61.75
Croque TV Box
  • $16.40
  • $7.30
Vegan Mendiants
  • $26.99
Orange Slices Dipped in Dark Chocolate
  • $16.65

Sold out

99% Cocoa Sugar-Free Palets
  • $15.20

Sold out

Chocolate Peels
  • From $13.20
  • $10.40


Dark Chocolate Bars
  • $9.99
  • From $8.99
Gourmande Chocolate Bars
  • $12.99


Angelina's Collector Tin with Gianduja Dark Chocolate
  • $26.99
  • $24.29


Angelina's Dark Chocolate Crispy Crepes in Collector Tin
  • $24.75
  • From $22.27
Angelina's Gluten-Free Vegan Napolitains
  • $26.99
Chocolate Pastilles for Baking
  • $16.99
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