The know-how handed down from generation to generation has enabled our master chocolatier Voisin to acquire its credentials not only in Lyon, the capital of gastronomy but also on the national and international scales. A Living Heritage Company dating back to 1897 which perpetuates ancestral skills and constantly innovates to surprise us with new savors.


Boucaud-Maître family has always been committed to funding programs to improve locals' living conditions. Their beans come from plantations respecting biodiversity.

The expert eye and hand of their master chocolatiers then transform the cocoa beans of the best origins into chocolate using traditional processes to get the best texture and aroma.


Our chocolatier Voisin distinguishes itself with its authentic ganache made with 'crème fraîche Fleurette'. It gives its truffles such an incredible lightness and smoothness! This recipe reveals the strength and prominent flavours of the world-renowned cocoa beans. Combined with fruit pulps like cranberries from Canada, yuzu from China and enhanced with natural essences like Espelette red pepper, green matcha tea, it offers a nice selection of delicate savors.


Almonds Valencia from Spain and Roman hazelnuts Piémont from Italy, the first, selected for their delicate flavours, and the second, for their exceptional aroma, are roasted gently and thoroughly, and then dipped carefully into a 110 degree syrup in a copper cauldron: a traditional method to bring out most of the aroma. Once coated with a fine layer of caramel, they are cooled down before being crushed to different extents by a granite grindmill. That is the only mean to get an authentic 'praliné à l'ancienne' whether smooth, crispy or crunchy.


Liquors and chardons result from the selection of well-known alcohols from local distilleries exclusively. They are made in a very traditional way as in old times to get the authentic liquor in a sugar crust to better enjoy the aroma in your mouth.


Here are some of our best sellers to indulge in:
- Candied orange slices dipped in dark chocolate
- Florentine with candied fruits and roasted almonds
- Mendiants with dried fruits
- Croque TV with different tops
- Grands Crus from different origins
- Pâtes de fruits - fruit jellies - baked in a copper cauldron according to tradition


The three must of the Holiday Season:
- Fresh truffles with pure cocoa and 'crème fraîche Fleurette'
- Macerated cherries dipped in dark chocolate
- Palets d'or with a smooth and delicate ganache made with 'crème fraîche Fleurette'.

Feel free to place your order on line so that we can prepare your boxes of chocolates ready to pick up or have them delivered or mailed for you.
Note that fresh truffles have to be packed separately to be kept in the fridge contrary to the other chocolates that can be stored room temperature.


Lovely handmade gold-white and heart-shaped chocolate boxes just arrived from France for your Valentine! 
More choices in store to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Boxes of 3 Chocolates $9.99
Boxes of 8 Chocolates $19.99

Boxes of 29 Chocolates $55.30
Boxes of 42 Chocolates $77.40

Boxes of 4 Chocolates $13.50
Boxes of 9 Chocolates $21.95

Boxes of 20 Chocolates $41.95


Here are some of our boxes of chocolates with ganache, praliné and delicate savours. 
All our chocolates are gluten-free, some are vegan. Sugar-free option too.
We can mail or deliver your order same day.

Boxes of 12 Chocolates $28.60

18 Chocolates $33.70
28 Chocolates $47.80

Boxes of 20 Chocolates $43.80

Handbag-style boxes:
24 Chocolates $45.20
40 Chocolates $69.40


Large boxes:
44 Chocolates $85.95
60 Chocolates $118.90


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