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Whether you love ratatouille, soups, cardons, or sauteed vegetable stews - Douce France has it all! Produced with the use of local French ingredients, our selection of soups and stews is rich in savors and of high quality, directly imported from France. 


    At Douce France, we offer a selection of stewed and cooked dishes made by our artisan Guintrand. Beyond Guintrand's famous Ratatouille Niçoise (French Veggie Stew), we also have a variety of sauteed vegetable dishes made with local ingredients from Provence.

    Artisan Popol is another partner supplying us with amazing delights from Provence. He has become a real institution and destination over the years. Artisan Popol has been a specialist in culinary flavors since 1977 and is a reference in the delicatessen sector.


    Douce France is proud of having started a new partnership with La Perle des Dieux, highly reputed for the selection and preparation of the fish they take care of with extreme care and meticulous professionalism. 

    La Perle des Dieux comes from two brands La Perle des Océans et Les Dieux created by two canners who opened a fish cannery in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie in Vendée in 1887. Years later, in 1998, this area was registered as 'Site Remarquable du Goût' 'A Remarkable Culinary Site' by the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment, Culture and Tourism for the exceptional harmony between men's know-how, the quality of the products and the rich maritime heritage. Since then, the company has been awarded with the Living Heritage Company label in 2016 and with a silver prize at the 2022 Salon Les Épicures de l'Épicerie Fine, Paris where the very best in the gourmet food industry get together to spotlight their latest creations hoping to draw the attention of the jury of experts. La Perle des Dieux' engagement to perpetuate its culinary French know-how has also been rewarded with the Year of Gastronomy label by the French State.

    Check out on the Seafood page the nice selection of sardines, rillettes and other specialties we also get from them.

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