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Treat yourself with our selection of sweets from France! At Douce France, we carry an assortment of smooth caramel bonbons, frosted candies as well as delicious nougat and caramelized pears. The choice is yours!


    Our nougat is made by Jonquier, a French family-owned company that distinguishes itself with the quality of its nougat and the number of almonds used in their nougat recipes notably: 60% of almonds in their black nougat and 40% of almonds in their white nougat. Jonquier is dedicated to perpetuating the confection of nougat made with the harvest of premium almonds Valencia from Spain and uses only natural honey, egg white, and sugar. No additives nor preservatives are ever used, even in Jonquier's flavored nougats. Jonquier also works in collaboration with local honey-keepers to get the best quality of orange-tree honey and multi-flower honey which is used for their black nougat and lavender honey which is used in their white nougat.

    Our caramel bonbons come straight from France, fabricated by l'Ambr'1. Rewarded by the ‘Collège Culinaire de France’ for its engagement and promotion of French gastronomy, l'Ambr'1 caramels are made with 100% sea salt and sweetened with natural sugar to perfection. For you, caramel lovers, do not hesitate to check out our Jams & Spreads collection to learn m0re about our Salted Caramel Spreads by l'Ambr'1!


    Authenticity at all costs! La Confiserie des Hautes Vosges located in the Vosges in the North East of France create their candies over a naked flame in a copper cauldron, preserving the artisanal recipes "Images d'Epinal" of the confiserie that they have been using since 1952!

    They are made with premium French ingredients, with a focus on quality and proximity: the sugar bits come from Erstein, the glucose corn syrup from Alsace, with essential oils and natural aromas used for flavour.

    From cooking to flavouring to moulding to wrapping, everything is done with immense care on their premises!

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Mazet's Praslines de Montargis in Berlingot
  • $8.75
Mazet's Praslines de Montargis in Collector Tin
  • From $31.50
Mazet's Praslines de Montargis in Box
  • From $13.99
Mazet's Grêlons & Givrettes
  • From $19.35
Mazet's Mazettes
  • From $22.35
Mazet's Rose & Almond Treat
  • From $23.75
L'Ambr'1 Salted Butter Caramel Candies from Brittany
  • $8.90
Michel Chatillon's Plougastel Strawberry Fruit Jellies
  • $16.99
Michel Chatillon's Assorted Fruit Jellies
  • $16.60

Sold out

Voisin's Fleur de Soleil
  • $21.40
Soft Nougat from Montélimar in Angelina's Prestigious Box
  • $29.40
Jonquier's Nougat Bar
  • $17.60
Guintrand's Whole Williams Pears in Wine
  • $17.99
Guintrand's Williams Pears Halves in Sugar Syrup
  • $15.99
CDHV's Frosted Candies in a Refillable Pocket-Size Collector Tin
  • $9.99
CDHV's Bulk of 100% Natural Frosted Candies
  • From $12.80
CDHV's Bergamote de Nancy
  • $19.99
CDHV's Bergamote de Nancy
  • $23.99
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