A company that has been rewarded with the Label Origin France for the authenticity of its range of candies. Its does NOT use any coloring agents Exxx but only extracts of fruits and plants.


Its frosted candies keep very-well in tins to be protected from humidity. You will enjoy their authentic flavours. 

Violettes from Toulouse are our best sellers.


You first savour a kind of crust and then you come to a pulp or liquor with delicate aroma. A real delight! 


Traditional candies to share and enjoy anytime! Old and young! 


The 6th generation of the family Jonquier is dedicated to perpetuate the confection of nougat made with the new harvest of premiun almonds Valencia from Spain as the first ingredient and only natural honey, egg white and sugar. No additive, no preservative even in their flavoured nougats.

Jonquier, father and sons, distinguish themselves with the quality and quantity of almonds used in their nougats made according to tradition: 60% in their black nougat and 40% in their white nougat.
Remember that too smooth nougat means more sugar and egg white than almonds, 
They also work in collaboration with local honeykeepers to get the best quality of orange-tree honey and multi-flower honey in their black nougat and lavender honey in their white nougat.
Their nougats are gluten-free, the black ones are also vegan (no egg white).


A company rewarded by the ‘Collège Culinaire de France’ for its engagement and values promoting French gastronomy

You will be addicted to their caramel bonbons made with 100% sea salt and the perfect amount of sugar.

Their caramel spreads will be just perfect for your crêpes, pancakes, toasts or ice-creams! 


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