Founded in 1756 in Reims, Champagne, it got the Living Heritage Company label as a reward for its renowned ancestral know-how based on its mastery of traditional techniques, specific to a territory. It owes its reputation to the famous Biscuit Rose of Reims, invented in 1691. At that time, bakers created a special dough so as to use the heat of their oven after cooking bread. That was the origin of the word "BIS-CUIT", i.e. cooked twice.

Did you know that the biscuits roses are the only biscuits that will remain extra light, crispy and crunchy outside and soft inside when you dip them in champagne or red wine?
You can also use them for many recipes, as such or reduced to powder.
Their almond and raspberry macarons will go perfectly well with tea, champagne, ice cream, fruit salads, ... 


A success story that started in 1905 in the Pyrenees: one guy made and sold a local specialty called ' Biscuits of the Pyrenees', another one baked bread. Years later, the son of the baker decided to make biscuits and cakes like his grandma used to do for the great delight of young and old alike. The company owns its reputation to the local fresh ingredients they use -butter, eggs, wheat flour - and their commitment to tradition and quality. 

At Douce France, it is always a great pleasure to serve these delicacies: madeleines and fondants with the taste of fresh eggs and butter, pure butter cigars, sablés and croustilles. 

Dairy-free meringues, biscuits des Pyrenees are also part of our selection.


We have been working with this renowned biscuit bakery for six years and are constantly trying to fnd ways to guarantee the freshness of  their artisanal biscuits with no additive, preservative or lecithin of soja. Their inimitable taste has won over many of our customers. 

Two noble ingredients - pure butter from Brittany and selected wheat flour made in France - give a particular texture and flavour to their amazing biscuits: palmiers, sacristains and palets bretons.

Because they are artisanal products, they are soy-free.


A family company eager to share its passion for tradional biscuits from Provence and committed to quality regarding the selection of their ingredients and the production processes without any additive, preservative or lecithin of soja.

Douce France has selected a good range of their biscuits that we pack in small quantities to keep them fresh.

Customers' favorites are their small pure butter sablés with lemon from Menton, apricot from Provence and chocolate chips, but also their large ones with caramel chips and apple with nougat.
Its tradional orange blossom navettes and croquants are also a hit!


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