Dragées Avola Dauphine (45%)

All our dragées are vegan and gluten-free.

Douce France has selected a unique selection of Avola dragées whose inimitable aroma simply comes from Sicilia, where they are sorted out and classified according to their shape and particular flavour.
Basically, the flatter and bigger they are, the more exquisite they are and the longer the after-taste will last. 

Marquise and Dauphine contain 45% almonds  and the exquisite   Royale Sublime and Imperiale Sublime contain 53% almonds.
Then, it is Adam's savoir-faire - a  Living Heritage Company dating back to 1912 - that makes a huge difference by coating them with a very thin layer of sugar.
Note that the dragées must be stored in a sealed glass container, preferably in a dark place. Make sure your hands are dry or wear cotton gloves when you manipulate them.  If you are thinking of preparing favours for a special event, make sure that the containers you have selected are good quality and that they will not spoil the quality of your dragées.