Our nougat is made by Jonquier, a French family-owned company that distinguishes itself with the quality of its nougat and the quantity of almonds used in their nougat recipes notably: 60% of almonds in their black nougat and 40% of almonds in their white nougat. Jonquier is dedicated to perpetuate the confection of nougat made with the harvest of premium almonds Valencia from Spain and uses only natural honey, egg white and sugar. No additives nor preservative are ever used, even in Jonquier's flavoured nougats. Jonquier also works in collaboration with local honey-keepers to get the best quality of orange-tree honey and multi-flower honey which is used for their black nougat and lavender honey which is used in their white nougat. Both kinds of nougats are  gluten-free , with the black nougat also being  vegan  as it does not contain any egg white.